Summer 2020 to Avant Garde

For about 3 weeks now I have been working on a project for school. The assignment was to design a Summer 2020 collection. You could pick from man-made or natural fibers choosing athletic-wear or standard summer clothing. I picked Athleisure- the style that spawned the argument “Are leggings pants?” 

The next part stumped me- You then had to take that collection, fabrics and color stories and make it Avant Garde. First, I had to Google. Then I started asking my friends what Avant Garde was and which designers they liked. 

And of course, you have to start with an inspiration thus tying Athleisure into Avant Garde. 

It was not easy.

I was real stressed about it. I think it came together mostly.

My inspiration was #Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Tough ladies doing tough stuff. Nature VS Technology. Metamorphosing good and evil. 

Anyhow I am glad it’s over and I am pretty sure I got an A. 🙂 

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