Summer 2020 to Avant Garde

For about 3 weeks now I have been working on a project for school. The assignment was to design a Summer 2020 collection. You could pick from man-made or natural fibers choosing athletic-wear or standard summer clothing. I picked Athleisure- the style that spawned the argument “Are leggings pants?”  The next part stumped me- You…


So I have started a new initiative. It’s called tinypantsuits. I will make a bunch and then I hope that maybe I will sell them.


Ever since I was a kid I have LOVED Halloween. Here are some of the costumes I have made over the years. Last years costume was the first time I sewed for myself. 2018

Fashion Illustration

Here are some drawings I did this summer in class.   Black and White COLoR DUDEz SELF

A Bomber Jacket.

I have a Levi’s Bomber in an olive green like the one in the photo…Now I will attempt to sew this in a sateen lotus fabric. I hope it won’t look ridiculous. The fabric arrived and It’s not a shiny satin. Just cotton. Oh well. I am still happy with it. I think it looks…

Licca Wataru Doll

Licca-chan (リカちゃん, Rika-chan), full name Licca Kayama (香山リカ, Kayama Rika), is a dress-up dollseries introduced in Japan on 1967-07-04 by Takara, enjoying the same kind of popularity in Japan as the Barbie series does in the United States.

A Mouse House

This was going to be a fairy house but I don’t own any fairy dolls and well… I like mice. My experiment in moss. I’d love to plant a succulent garden around it someday.